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Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind.

Jul 16, 2021

Tracy Brown, RD, LD/N, knows the truth about people’s struggles with food and weight; we need to create healing and safety in our bodies while we are re-learning how to nourish ourselves. 

From her personal experience and years of trauma-informed training, Tracy shares so many powerful insights on the podcast, including: 

  • Our reaction to trauma came from wise actions that supported us in the past. 
  • When the reaction emerges now, often with food patterns, our healing is recognizing what’s happening in our body and giving ourselves space for processing. 
  • Diets can be addictive because they offer hope, promise, and familiar regulation for people that need relief and safety. 
  • Recognizing what state your body is in is a powerful practice. Ask yourself if you have too much of something and not enough of something else. 
  • Trauma isn’t caused because of an event. We experience trauma when we don’t have a compassionate witness. 
  • Diet culture and the system it offers provide safety and security, a promise of love and belonging when someone achieves a certain body size. If we don’t have the tools and conditions to support our own feeling of being loved and belonging, diet culture can compensate for what we’re missing. 
  • Our relationships are pivotal in our healing. Allowing ourselves to receive what’s good is important, both in our relationships and what’s on our plate. 
  • Dieting and weight loss pursuit is a defense strategy that people use to feel safe (even if it’s false safety) in their body. 

Tracy Brown,RD,LD/N is a trauma informed nutrition therapist/eating disorder dietitian, stress recovery coach and nutrition counseling skills teacher. She walks beside people wanting to heal their relationship with food and weight as well as feel safer and less stressed in their bodies. 

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